Using Online Radio to Promote Your Website

One aspect of the internet that a lot of business owners fail to take full advantage of is the blossoming network of internet radio sites.  While their brick and mortar counterparts have long used the radio airwaves in their marketing plan at a very cost effective way, many internet businesses are slow to use this available resource.

While internet radio may seem like a waste of time, as a business owner, you will soon recognize the possibilities.  Think about this:  even if a potential customer would have never found your website, he may be an avid fan of a particular online radio show.  That one person can also lead you to other potential clients, and it all began simply because he caught an interview with you on the internet radio.

Remember though, a radio interview, even an online one is not like a normal conversation.  There are time restraints, personalities to contend with, and of course the occasional call in show filled with potential obstacles to getting your point across.  So here are some basic ideas to keep in mind while trying to have a successful radio interview.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the show in question.  Listen to a few episodes to make sure that the audience that this online show reaches is people that would be interested in your area of expertise.  For example, if your product is designed to make cleaning less of a hassle, you probably don’t want to use a radio show dedicated to heavy metal music as your platform.

Also, make sure that the online radio show allows promotion of a product, and if so, how much.  Some online radio shows shy away from mentioning websites on the air for whatever reason, which can dramatically decrease the chance of someone hearing about your specific website or business.  However, you also need to make sure that the radio show doesn’t sound like a complete sales pitch.  After all, most people tune into the internet to avoid commercials, not listen to one that lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Remember that you are there to introduce your sparkling personality to the internet radio waves, not your service or product.  After all,  radio is about personalities, about being connected to the listener, and making them want to travel to your website to know more about you and what you have to offer.  So bring information to the table, not a sales pitch.  Even if you don’t get one client from that day on the radio, the fact that you made the host look good to his listeners means that he will probably be singing your praises for many episodes to come.

Of course, once the interview is set up, market it to all you know.  Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, any of the social media devices at your disposal to make sure everyone is listening to what you have to say.  If you think about it, your words are what instilled confidence in your product to begin with – why not put them to good use with online radio?