Bringing a Virtual Assistant onboard – has been the best business decision I have ever made. Before I saw the light – I was spending 3 days a week just replying to emails and dealing with customer service questions.I very quickly realized that my business would stall unless I addressed this. I was nervous at first – as it was VITAL that I found the right person.My business was (and still is) enjoying an explosive growth – and I needed to find someone who’s skills could keep ahead of this demand. I interviewed a few VA’s before I had the immense good fortune to meet Tricia. I immediately liked Tricia – personally and professionally. What I did not expect – was how many good ideas Tricia would bring to the table.

Tricia continually flexes her creative muscles and comes up with systems and ideas to streamline and greatly help my business – which is resulting in EXACTLY what I needed – MORE TIME!! Thank you Tricia!

If you want to take your business to the next level – you need to speak to Tricia and her team now.

Chris Farrell
Chris Farrell Membership


As a career entrepreneur, I have worked with dozens of different Virtual Assistants on a variety of projects and ventures ranging from the very large to the incredibly small.

Absolutely no one has, could or ever will, match the integrity, professionalism, talent, ambition or trustworthiness of Tricia Gardner.

She is a positively indispensable member of my team and someone that I can say without question, is a pillar of strength within my latest project. In fact, I will go as far as saying that the tremendous success my business has seen within its first 12 months of operation is, in part, because of her and the tremendous qualities she brings to her work.

Virtual Assistantship is considered fleeting by most entrepreneurs. We often assume them to be expendable or transient requirements, at best. Tricia Gardner is neither a fleeting commodity nor a transient requirement; she is an essential part of FTR Nation and the very lifeblood or our work.

Having worked with her for 4 short months, I can already say that I refuse to be without her in business for the remainder of my career.

Brian Grasso
Change the Story Method


A self admitted “control freak” delegating tasks to anyone has always left me with an unsettling feeling, let alone tasks that are critical in the development on my business.

Having never worked before with a Virtual Assistant my fears of letting go of major parts of my day to day pieces of work into the hands of someone else was anxiety provoking.

Every ounce of stress, concern and worry fluttered away within the first few days of hours of working with Tricia. Finding words to do justice to what she has brought to our company are a challenge.

Trustworthy, professional, creative, effective, organized and ambitious are only some of the words that come to mind when I think of all that she brings to the table.

Tricia Gardner is without question irreplaceable inside FTR Nation. Daily operations are dependent on her and have become both more effective and successful since her joining our team.

There are days when I honestly don’t know what we would without her and every day is a day I am grateful for what the vital role that she plays on our team.

Carrie Campbell
The Art of Inspired Living


Tricia has been a life saver for me! When I first began my business, I thought I could do it all alone, boy was I mistaken.

Thankfully, Tricia was patient and made me realize that she could help me in order for me to have time for more productive projects.

I am so glad that I listened and made her a part of our team.

She is amazing in all that she does and will be a huge asset to your team as well.

Thanks Tricia for all that you do!

Dr. Daisy Sutherland, Founder/CEO of Dr. Mommy LLC


Looking for a VA?

Look no further!

Tricia Gardner and her team will blow you away with efficiency and TOP quality service.
HIGHLY recommended!

Montreal, Quebec


Tricia not only saves me time by doing administrative tasks, she also has so much experience and knows about so many resources, she is able to show me better and faster ways to do what I do.

Tricia is an amazing addition to my company!

Laura Erdman-Luntz, MA, E-RYT(500), founder of Musélan, a company dedicated to inspiring you to live your extraordinary life!


Tricia’s services are a great asset to me and my business.

With her assistance I never have to worry about certain key aspects of my business as she takes care of it for me.

Melody Thacker ~ Independent Watkins Associate #323239