Increasing Traffic to Your Website : Understanding the Need for Dynamic Webpage Features

Perhaps you’ve run across a truly static website while you’re searching the internet.  The content may be well written, but what are the chances that you will return to it once you’ve gathered the information you need?  If you like most internet users, the likelihood isn’t that great at all.  While static websites are wonderful for being found consistently for certain keywords, they certainly lack the thing that brings most people back for more- the idea of learning and gaining new information.   After all, humans are creatures that thrive on curiosity and learning new things.  Every day we adapt what we do to reflect what we have learned.  We may learn to walk a little differently, shop a little differently, even try new  cuisine if something piques our interest.  Why wouldn’t information provided from the internet have the same effect?

The trick is, of course to find a balance between keeping some of your website static so that the search engine tools have an easier time finding it, and providing content that is timely for the very human readers.  After all,  what good is a discount price, or a new shipment of material if your web based customers don’t know about it until after the promotion is over?

In a nutshell, dynamic content or features are those that can be regularly altered or changed without going in a reprograming the entire website.  These can include message boards, news feeds, even a regular blog post.  These things are designed not for the archives, but rather for the here and now, the point where you interact with your client, and learn what they need and want, and you can show them exactly what you can provide for them.  One way to think of it is an online version of a client presentation.

Another reason why having dynamic content is so important is that most people will only talk about your website to their friends if there is something to talk about.  Sure, your static web content if written well will start a few conversations here and there, but what about beyond that?  An active discussion board will help to encourage your loyal readers to share what they see as a good source for information to their friends, thereby growing your potential network of clients and content.

The truth is that making sure your website has dynamic features is a great way to get people talking about what you have to offer.  And the more people talk, the more chance there is that someone will stop to listen.

Dynamic means that it can change. When something is dynamic, it is possible to affect the outcome of it. So a dynamic web-site is a web-site where the content can be changed.

Now, when speaking of dynamic web-sites, it doesn’t just mean that you are going to update the content. No, it means that the user can interact with it. Most sites today are less or more dynamic. As an example, picture-hosting sites. There is millions of images up. You as a user get the option to sort them by tags, views, ratings, etc. That is dynamic.

Another example of a dynamic feature can be a news-box. While the user can’t affect this one, you can. By having one, you don’t need to redo your index-page and upload it again. You just log on to your own site and then type the news and click the submit-button. Makes life a lot easier.

If you create a image-gallery, you will only need to create one page, and then depending on the users selection, this page will reload but with the new image. A lot easier than creating a 100 different pages and linking back and forth, right?

Have Dynamic content on your site – Message Board, Links Directory, Guest Book, Online Search, Picture Gallery, Quote of the day, News items, Site Search, Links Engine … It all makes for a more enjoyable experience for your visitors … and interested visitors come back.