How to Effectively Brand Yourself

brandCreating an effective brand image is more than just creating an engaging logo and using a unique color scheme for your website.  If you’re interested in creating a brand that will stand out in the crowd, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

The first step in creating a brand that will leave the competition behind is to determine what the competition is.   So take a good amount of time and research the competition in your area, or in your chosen business field.   Find out about how your potential customer sees them, what makes them popular, or where they need to improve.  Tactics such as having potential customers take a simple survey, or basically watching your competition in action can provide significant insight into where the true competition lies.  Plus, you can use that information to further improve on their model of success.

Once you have done the necessary research, the next step in creating a brand is to clearly determine what you have to offer.  See if you can answer this question:  What would make a client off the street choose you over someone else?  Sit down and determine where your strengths and skill lie.  Be honest with yourself, and don’t try to attribute too much to yourself.  After all, this is your brand.  Everything you say you can do, sooner or later you will have to support by action and results.  Once you have determined what you can do remarkably well, the next step is to see if those would be considered an asset by your potential customers.  Once you have found a set of strengths and abilities that match up to your chosen target market, you’ll be well on your way to making a marketable brand.

Of course, understanding your strengths will get you nowhere fast if you don’t understand your potential client base.  Doing accurate research on who could potentially buy your service or product is a great way to determine exactly which people to approach, and how to work with them effectively.  Look at their buying habits.  Are they more concerned about getting the most for their money, or is quality the only thing they consider?  Are they concerned about meeting strict deadlines, or is there more flexibility involved?  Also look at the way they live, and where their interests and hobbies lie.  Those little bits of information can give you great insight into how and when they might use your services or buy a product.

So you know your brand, and your potential clients.  You know what they are looking for, and you are certain that you can provide it.  The only step left now is to be the brand that you promise to be.  If you pride yourself on being friendly and dependable, delivering on time be sure promptness and politeness is your mantra at all times.  If your focus is a superior quality material, make sure your product is second to none.