Feb. 28th ~ Weekly Cup of Motivation

Wow where has the month gone.  Seriously this is crazy.  We are already going to be into March tomorrow.  Can you believe it?  I know I can’t.

So this week I am going to share my March to do list, and my weekly to do list.

March To Do

  • Double my business list
  • Draft up the first steps to a new product
  • Get a new header made for Time Saver VA
  • Save one time saving tip a week in social media
  • Start putting together a list of VA’s for an upcoming project

Weekly To Do

  • Get a new graphic made for weekly cup of motivation
  • Contact Marc Bass about New Header for site
  • See about finding a project management system
  • File all paperwork from last week
  • Blog one business article
  • Put away extra office stuff in second office
  • Find a fun new way to add new people to your list
  • Create a welcome tab for facebook fanpage

What is on your monthly to do list and weekly to do list